FREE California Permit Test and Driver's License Test #3



Free Permit Practice Test

The following driver ed tests are available for you to practice for your permit or California driver license. Check them out!

How Many Questions are on the real DMV Test?

The number of questions depends on how old you are and if you have been license before:

  • First-time applicant under 18 years: 46 questions (38 correct answers)
  • First-time applicant 18 years or older: 36 questions (30 correct answers).
  • Renewal test: 18 questions (15 correct answers).

Testing and Licensing in USA

Testing and Licensing - Study Help

Licensing requirements, testing quality, and test complexity vary greatly across the country. Some state tests are easy - some are not. But what is the relationship between rigorous testing and safer drivers - and what should we expect in the future?

Study More More Effectively

5 Tips to Study More More Effectively for Your Permit Test

Even if there no one-size-fits-all approach when learning how to effectively study for your permit test, some tips usually help students pass their exam. Read these 5 tips and your studies will be easier and smarter.

Test Questions about Motorcyclists

Sharing the road with motorcyclists

Look at this cheat sheet with questions about motorcyclists. Because motorcyclists are hard to spot in traffic and their vulnerability in an accident, it has become increasingly important for to pay extra attention to motorcyclists on the road. The number of questions about motorcyclists on the official driver license test has increased over the years. We have some of the questions you may see on the test!