FREE California Permit Test and Driver's License Test #3



Free Permit Practice Test

The following driver ed tests are available for you to practice for your permit or California driver license. Check them out!

How Many Questions are on the real DMV Test?

The number of questions depends on how old you are and if you have been license before:

  • First-time applicant under 18 years: 46 questions (38 correct answers)
  • First-time applicant 18 years or older: 36 questions (30 correct answers).
  • Renewal test: 18 questions (15 correct answers).

Know about Drugs and Driving

Drugs and driving - copyright:  Joshua Resnick

Drugs and driving do not make a good combination. This is also true about marijuana.

Remember, just because it is legal to use marijuana in several states; it is not legal to drive while impaired.

Shapes and Colors of Traffic Signs

Traffic signs

Almost all driver's manuals or handbooks have information about the shapes and colors of traffic signs. It isn't always obvious why you need to learn this. But being able to identify signs from a distance by just the shape or color coding, can help you a lot. You also need it for your written driving test.

What is the Zero Tolerance Law?

Zero Tolerance Law - Understand the consequences

If you are under 21 years, it is important that you understand the zero tolerance law. Even a small amount of alcohol can easily put you at risk. It is also important to know that a conviction based on blood alcohol content is more or less automatic. No other proof is needed. And remember, any traces of alcohol in your blood may result in a conviction.