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NY DMV Practice Written Tests

For best results on your New York Permit Test, it is a good idea to take several practice tests. Practice tests prepare you for the format of the real examination and gives you an idea of what questions will look like. Aim for a high score on each practice test, it will boost your confidence and make the final examination much easier.

Facts about The Legal Limit

Legal Limit - Blood Sample - Copyright:  belyjmishka / 123RF Stock Photo

Many people misunderstand the laws about drunk driving and what the legal alcohol limits mean. Know when you can be charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) in New York and see what questions may show up on your DMV test.

Shapes and Colors of Traffic Signs

Traffic signs

Almost all driver's manuals or handbooks have information about the shapes and colors of traffic signs. It isn't always obvious why you need to learn this. But being able to identify signs from a distance by just the shape or color coding, can help you a lot. You also need it for your written driving test.

What is New York Move Over Law?

New York Move Over Law - What You Must Know

It is important to know about New York's Move Over Law. The safety of officers and workers along our highways depends on it. Questions about the Move Over Law can also appear on your NYS driver license test.