FREE New York Permit Test and Driver's License Test #4



New York Learner Permit Practice

Have you heard about young drivers who just rolled out of bed, strolled down to the DMV office, and passed the DMV examination without any prep? Believe me, they are rare - and they are probably the most dangerous drivers. Most people need preparation. Reading the driver's manual over a period of some weeks and taking practice tests is what works best.

Here are some more practice tests for you:

Know about Drugs and Driving

Drugs and driving - copyright:  Joshua Resnick

Drugs and driving do not make a good combination. This is also true about marijuana.

Remember, just because it is legal to use marijuana in several states; it is not legal to drive while impaired.

What is New York Move Over Law?

New York Move Over Law - What You Must Know

It is important to know about New York's Move Over Law. The safety of officers and workers along our highways depends on it. Questions about the Move Over Law can also appear on your NYS driver license test.

What is the Zero Tolerance Law?

Zero Tolerance Law - Understand the consequences

If you are under 21 years, it is important that you understand the zero tolerance law. Even a small amount of alcohol can easily put you at risk. It is also important to know that a conviction based on blood alcohol content is more or less automatic. No other proof is needed. And remember, any traces of alcohol in your blood may result in a conviction.