Pennsylvania Practice Permit Test No. 2



PA Practice Written Test

When you prepare for your final Pennsylvania driver's license exam, you should take as many practice tests as you can. The more practyice questions you manage, the better you will do on the real test. Try not to just memorize answers, but to fully understand how and why. Use the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual to fill in the gaps and make sure you study actively! Then, take the test again - it will boosts your confidence.

Testing and Licensing in USA

Testing and Licensing - Study Help

Licensing requirements, testing quality, and test complexity vary greatly across the country. Some state tests are easy - some are not. But what is the relationship between rigorous testing and safer drivers - and what should we expect in the future?

Shapes and Colors of Traffic Signs

Traffic signs

Almost all driver's manuals or handbooks have information about the shapes and colors of traffic signs. It isn't always obvious why you need to learn this. But being able to identify signs from a distance by just the shape or color coding, can help you a lot. You also need it for your written driving test.

What is the Zero Tolerance Law?

Zero Tolerance Law - Understand the consequences

If you are under 21 years, it is important that you understand the zero tolerance law. Even a small amount of alcohol can easily put you at risk. It is also important to know that a conviction based on blood alcohol content is more or less automatic. No other proof is needed. And remember, any traces of alcohol in your blood may result in a conviction.