California DMV Permit and Driver License Tests

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Under 18 – Take the California Permit Pretest

The California permit pretest gives a good idea of what the real CA DMV permit test will look like. It will also tell you if you are ready to take the real exam or not.

This pretest is for anyone under 18 years and has 46 questions, just like the real CA DMV permit test. Can you pass this test?

California Permit Pretest

California DMV pretest

18 or Older – California Driver License Pretest

If you are 18 years or older, you must pass a different test with only 36 questions. This Class C license test is similar to the official DMV test for applicants who have reached age 18.

The pretest will help you to determine which areas you should study and focus on before taking the examination.

California License Pretest

More California Driver License Tests

The California DMV sample tests provided below are typical of the official tests given by California Department of Motor Vehicles. The practice tests have basically the same questions you will be asked when obtaining your learners permit or class C driver license. Taking practice tests is a perfect way of preparing for the examination and you may take the each practice test as many times as you would like.

After each question you get wrong, you will see additional explanations and information.

When you take the real examination, any use of testing aids is strictly prohibited. This includes the California Driver Handbook. When taking a drivers license practice test, however, it is a good idea to keep the handbook handy. Look up questions you get wrong. Compare contents in the handbook with questions in the sample test. It is a proven way of learning faster.

Downloadable Work Sheets with More Questions

Download work sheets with 36 California DMV questions and answers:

Class C Renewal Test

When California DMV notify you about a license renewal, the may also require you to re-take the written license test. Such driver license tests have just 18 of the original 36 questions. To pass, you must answer at least 15 questions correctly.

The following is an example of an official renewal test:

California Renewal Test

Before You start

Before you start, you should:

  • Get the latest version of the California Driver Handbook
  • Read the Parent-Teen Guide, if you are applying for a permit.
  • Understand the California Graduated Driver’s License system.
  • Have parent or other licensed driver to discuss rules and safe driving with.

It will make your learning more efficient.

The Driving Privilege

A California driver’s license shows that you have been given the privilege by the state to drive on public roadways. Remember that a learner’s permit or a driver’s license comes with a great responsibility. More Americans die as a result of motor vehicle accidents than any other cause. This is especially true about young drivers under 21 years. That is why you should take your studies for the written exam seriously.

Even though you might think that driving is easy, it can take you many attempts before you pass the written knowledge exam and the road test which entitle you the privilege to drive in California and other states. Our California sample tests are designed to help you pass the written knowledge exam the first time, but also help you to become a safer driver.


Learn about Intersection Signs

The California Driver Handbook isn’t entirely correct when describing the T-intersection sign. Read this to understand more:

Video with Sample Questions

Watch this video to verify that you have a good understanding of California laws.

 California Permit Test – 46 Questions

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