How to Manage Work or Studies during Stay-at-Home Orders

The Corona virus

Keep Your Daily Routines as Normal as Possible

With Stay-at-Home orders in many states and closed workplaces and schools, many of our daily routines are disrupted. It is easy to feel scared and helpless. But don’t.

This is not the end of the world. Eventually, this crisis will fade, and everything will go back to normal. But until then, here are some tips on how to strengthen your daily routines (including not giving up on your goal to pass the DMV test).

Let’s do the best of Stay-at-Home orders or a self-imposed quarantine and to stay committed to not spread the Corona virus.

If you can continue to study or work from home, do it – and tell us your best ideas & how you are coping with the situation (form at the bottom).

Useful Tips on How to Study or Work from Home during the Corona Crisis

It may feel like you are doing yourself and your body a favor by waking up later in the morning, but you aren’t.

Your inner clock will drift away from the external clock, causing you to delay bedtime and get less done during the day.

If you have trouble getting up at your usual time, set the alarm clock!

Allow time for your normal routines.

Don't skip the shower or dressing just because you work or study from home.

Don't skip breakfast and think you can catch up with breakfast later.

If you walk or bicycle to work/school, get some fresh air and bright light by taking a walk in the neighborhood for the same amount of time - whenever possible. Your body and mind will thank you.

Your working space is important. It should be dedicated for your studies or work during your stay-at-home period.

Get rid of distractions around this space. Don't keep a TV on nearby. Put away the cell phone, unless you need it for your work.

Most importantly, stay away from social media. Studies show that people spend an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day on social media. Postpone this activity until after work/school time.

Try to start home school or work at your usual time and stay at it until the day is done. Take regular breaks, including a lunch break. But don't let them last longer than you usually do.

Even if it feels like you aren't fully occupied during your day at home, there is probably always something you can do. Do it better or just spend some more effort on it.

Social interaction is a really important part of school and work.

With a computer you can set up interactive chat programs or conference applications (if you don't already have them).  Keep them on during your day, unless they interfere with your ongoing work. This will help you feel less isolated.

When the work day or school day is over, it is time to squeeze in physical activity as part of your daily routine.

If you can't engage in any normal outdoors or indoors activities, like sports, put aside an hour or so for exercises in your home. There a plenty of suggestions on the Internet.

Don't allow yourself to be inactive just because you are ordered to stay at home.

If your goal is to pass the DMV tests anytime soon, you now have a golden opportunity to study without too many distractions. Use it!

Obviously, this also applies to any number of things that you usually postpone because you don't find time for them.

You will feel much better about yourself than you will if you spend your time with YouTube or Netflix.

What if I Can’t Work from Home?

Unfortunately, many people are laid off right now or don’t have the opportunity to work from home.

What should they do?

Most of the routines above can still be applied. Instead of working from home, keep yourself busy with something you like or something useful. The most important thing is to structure your day.

If you must interact with other people or family members, practice social distancing, which means you should stay 6 feet away from others.

Don’t interact with elderly family members or contacts. Your responsibility is to not just protect yourself, but to protect others as well.

Stay positive and responsible. Things will go back to normal and jobs will return. Eventually.

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