FREE California Permit Test and Driver's License Test #5



More Preparation Tests for Your Permit

If you haven't already tried the following online DMV sample tests, do so. They will significantly increase your chances of passing the official California DMV permit test or Driver License test. Look closer at the answers you get wrong, read the explanation, and then compare with the information in the driver handbook published by California Department of Motor Vehicles ( This is an area that you should focus more on.

Special Areas

How do You Know When You are Ready?

Only you can tell. Practice tests should build up your confidence. If you still felt nervous or uncertain, continue to practice. Practice is the best way to get rid of test anxiety. To get even more practice tests, visit Driver's Prep - the ultimate resource for your DMV test.

Downloadable Work Sheets

Download a work sheet with 36 California DMV questions and answers:

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