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Our practice tests help you prepare for the MD knowledge test, which all new drivers must pass to get a learner’s permit.

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Maryland Knowledge Test is Known to be Difficult

The MVA knowledge test has 25 questions. You must have 22 correct test answers to pass the exam. The passing score is 88 percent, which is higher than in most states.

The failure rate in Maryland is about 50%, which is also higher than in most states.

Should you fail the test the first time, you can go back again the next business day. Should you fail a second time, you must wait at least 7 days, before you can take the knowledge test again.

Prepare Well for the Examination

Start by getting the driver’s manual. You can download it online or get a hard copy from your local MVA office.

Read the manual and check your progress with online practice tests at or at Driver’s Prep. MVA has a limited number of test questions at

Before you use online practice tests, always make sure you can trust the source.

You’ll find more tips on how to study effectively for your permit test here: 5 Tips to Study More Effectively for Your Permit Test

Who Must Pass the MVA Knowledge Test

  • When you apply for your first Maryland learner’s permit or driver’s license and haven’t been licensed before.
  • When your Maryland driver’s license was revoked.
  • If your current Maryland driver’s license has expired for more than one year.
  • If you have an out-of-country driver’s license and isn’t licensed in United States.

If you are currently licensed in another state, the knowledge test is normally waived.

Passing the MVA permit test with ease

Automated Test Stations

Your MVA office has automated test stations for the knowledge test. You’ll get 25 questions on a computer and must complete test within 20 minutes. This is usually more than you’ll need. So, don’t get stressed about the time limit. Take your time and read everything carefully.

MVA offers knowledge tests in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and French. You can use foreign language interpreters for other languages, but MVA does not pay the interpreter fee. If you have any special needs, always let your local MVA know before you arrive to take your test.

Documents You Need When Visiting MVA

MVA has an online Document Guide to help you make sure you have the necessary documents before scheduling an appointment for your application. It is a good idea to follow it.

In general, you need the following:

One (1) Proof of Age and Identity.

Some of the most common documents you can use include U.S. Birth Certificate (original or certified), U.S. Passport, Permanent Resident Card, or Unexpired Foreign Passport that has current valid USCIS Documentation.

One (1) Proof of Social Security.

It is best to bring your original Social Security Card. A W-2 form (displaying your name and entire SSN) or a SSA-1099 are also among the documents MVA will accept.

Two (2) Proofs of Residential Address.

This is often the tricky part. If you have bank statements and/or creditcard statements with your name and address, bring the latest ones. Utility, telephone, or cable/satellite TV are also good verifications of your address. If you rent your apartment or house, bring your rental agreement. Tax returns are also accepted.

When you use the online Document Guide at MVA website, you’ll get a checklista with the documents you must bring to your appointment. Print it and make sure all documents meets the MVA standards.

MVA online checklist

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