Texas Class C Driver License Practice Test

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Take the Texas Driver License Practice Test

We offer two pretests for anyone applying for a Texas instruction permit or class C driver license. These pretests will give you a good idea of your current knowledge and if you are ready or not for the real Texas DPS exam.

In addition, you can take a driver license practice test to check your progress while you study. These practice tests have 30 questions, just like the real DPS examination. Use them to find your strengths and weaknesses.

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Texas Pretest for Instruction Permit

If you are getting your first Instruction Permit, use this pretest. It will check your knowledge on some subjects that are typical for the permit test.

Texas Pretest for Class C License

If you are applying for a full class C driver license or need to take the DPS written exam for any other reason, use this pretest.

Texas Driver License Practice Test

What You Need To Know about the Texas DPS Test

Q: How many questions are on the Texas DPS knowledge test?

A: The official Texas knowledge test has 30 questions, just like the practice tests you find on freedmvtest.org.

Q: How many questions must you answer correctly?

A: To pass you must get at least 21 questions right. This means you can miss 9 questions out of 30. The computerized test will end as soon as you have reached 21 correct answers (unlike our practice test, which will show a score based on all 30 questions).

Q: Can you “save” questions on the test?

A: It is possible to skip a question during the real test, and then return to it at the end – if needed. We recommend you to use this feature every time you feel uncertain about the correct answer. Take on the easy questions and the ones you know the answer to first. The practice tests don’t allow you to skip questions.

Q: If you fail, when can you retake the written exam?

A: You can go back and retake the written test the next day, if you want. But it is a good idea to use the practice tests at driversprep.com to dig deeper into the driver handbook and built of some more knowledge. Make sure you are ready before you attempt the test again.

Q: How many times can you retake the test?

A: Texas has no limit on how many times you can take the test. You can attempt the permit examination as many times as you need, until you pass.

Remember, once you have studied with the online practice tests here, you will find the examination easy. There are no trick questions on the exam and all answers are found in the Driver Handbook. Make sure you read it – take one chapter at the time, if needed.

On the driving skills exam, however, you have only three attempts until DPS wants a new application and a new fee.

Q: Is it Necessary to Complete a Driver Education?

A: Texas has a graduated driver license program. It is a step-by-step program for young drivers to gradually gain knowledge and driving experience with less exposure to risks. All new drivers under 25 years must complete a driver education course. Read more here: What is Texas Graduated Driver License Program?

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Texas Permit and Driver License Help from TxDPS

Visit Texas DPS for everything you need to know about applying for an instruction permit or Class C driver license. DPS Online services include renewal of your license or ID and quick change of your address.

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