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Virginia DMV Knowledge Exam

Follow these three steps when you prepare for your Virginia DMV Knowledge Test:

Get the Virginia Driver’s Manual.

Study all Virginia road signs, including their shapes and colors.

Take the road signs practice test.

Study all contents in the Virginia Driver’s Manual.

Take the remaining Virginia practice tests about road rules.

Virginia DMV Road Signs Test - 1 -
Virginia DMV Road Rules Test - 1 - Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

Virginia DMV Knowledge Test Has Two Parts

The first thing you should know about your knowledge exam is that it has two parts.

Virginia DMV Test has two parts

Part One:

The exam always starts with a sign recognition test. It asks about 10 common road signs and you must correctly identify all of them before you can continue.

Road Signs Test

Part Two:

The second part of your exam asks about common road rules, Virginia traffic laws, driver responsibility, and safe driving. This part of the exam has 25 questions. You must correctly answer 20 of them. That’s a passing score of 80%, which is the passing score used in most states across the country.

Road Rules Test

Remember: you cannot take the second part of the test before you have passed the road signs part.

Get the Virginia Drivers Manual

Get the Driver’s Manual

Everything you need to learn for your test is in the Virginia Driver’s Manual.

You are unlikely to pass the exam, if you haven’t studied this manual.

Even if practice tests and study sheets give you a good understanding of the questions that may appear on your test, these tools are just supplements to your driver’s manual – not replacements.

Virginia DMV offers the manual in different formats. You can get a hard copy at any service center. If you are in high school or attending a driving class, you can also get a copy from your school. From Virginia DMV online you can get a PDF-version of the manual, read it in interactive format, or listen to audio files of each chapter.

Take many practice tests

Take Practice Tests & Use Study Sheets

When you take a practice test, pretend that it is the real thing. Read everything carefully. Aim for a full score.

Correctly used, practice tests help you learn faster and let you know if you are ready for the real test.

Each practice test gives you instant feedback, if your answer is wrong. Use this feedback wisely. Look up the information in the driver’s manual and put in a context. Think of it as a puzzle where every small piece of information fit somewhere. By seeing things in a larger context, it is easier to remember facts.

This approach is always better than just trying to remember the answer word by word.

Our practice tests have questions from a large question bank. Just like the official DMV exam.

Since all tests are random, there is no way of telling which questions you will finally see. That is why just memorizing answers is a poor study strategy.

Think of studying as something more than just memorizing. Learning and actually understanding the information will not only help you pass your exam; it will also make you a better driver.

What happens if I fail the test?

What Happens if You Fail the Test?

Most states allow you to take the test again the next day. In Virginia, you must wait 15 days, unless you are 18 years or older.

If you are 18 years, you can skip the long waiting time and take it again the next day by just paying and additional fee. If you are under 18 years, you must always wait the full 15 days.

The purpose of a long waiting time is that you should use this time to read up on areas that you missed on the test.

If you failed on the road signs recognition test, don’t just study the road signs again. Study everything in the manual.

Should you fail your written exam three times, you must always complete and pass the classroom component of an approved driver education.

You may also have the option of completing an 8-hour course based on the Virginia Driver’s Manual and approved by DMV exclusively for satisfying the three-times-failure requirement. This option is available at driving schools, but also online.

If you pass, your result is valid for six months. If you don’t get your license or permit within six months, you must take the knowledge test again.

Don't try to cheat on the DMV test

Don’t Try to Cheat

Virginia DMV examiners are strict about cheating.

You cannot accept any kind of help during the exam.

Never help another person taking the exam.

You cannot use your cell phone while taking the exam.

Don’t bring papers with question and answers.

Don’t take notes.

It is against DMV rules to try to get test questions or answers before the exam or give another person exam questions or answers.

DMV also wants us to stress that this is a privately owned website. It is not connected to any State Department. Tests on this site are provided as a learning tool and are not actual knowledge tests.

DMV Test in 26 languages

26 Languages

The Virginia exam is available in 26 languages, including English, Spanish, and the American Sign Language (ASL).

Go to the Virginia DMV website for a full list of available languages: Knowledge Exam Languages.

You cannot use an interpreter or translator for any of these languages. If you need a translator for any other language, contact a service center before your test.

Get Documents Ready

Bring the Right Documents

If you bring all the right documents when you apply for a license or permit, you are less likely to be frustrated with the DMV.

Too often, applicants are sent home because they didn’t bring all the necessary documents.

Remember, you need your social security number. You also need indisputable proof of identity, legal presence, and Virginia residency.

If you move to Virginia from another country, always start by getting the social security number. Make sure you have a visa or a green card that proves your legal presence. You must also show documents that prove that you live in the state.

See this list of acceptable documents or use this interactive document guide.

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