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Permit Practice Tests for Your Georgia Permit

This series of practice tests designed to help you pass the knowledge exam and get your Georgia instructional permit or full driver’s license.

Tests are based on the information in the Georgia Drivers Manual and previous exams.

Each test has 20 questions with a passing score of 75% (15 correct answers).

Since these permit practice tests are a learning tool and a study help, you should aim higher than 15 correct answers on each test. If you miss more than 2 questions on a test, you aren’t ready for the real exam.

Georgia Driver Manual

What You Should Know about the Georgia Knowledge Test

The real Georgia knowledge exam consists of two tests:

  • The Road Sign Test – 20 questions
  • The Road Rules Test – 20 questions

To pass the exam you need 15 correct answers on each test.

The Road Sign Test has questions about common highway signs, traffic signals, and pavement markers.

The Road Rules Test will make sure you understand important traffic rules, Georgia laws, driver responsibility, and safe driving practices.

What if You Fail the Georgia Knowledge Test?

The first time you fail the written test, you can take it again the next day. Use this option, if you almost reached the passing score and know which mistakes you made.

If you had too many errors, postpone your next attempt a few days. Use this break to read the manual again and take more practice tests. is a good resource with many permit practice tests.

Should you fail a second attempt, there is a mandatory waiting period of 7 days.

Remember, there is a fee (currently $10) every time you take the knowledge exam. So, don’t waste your money by not being fully prepared for the test.

Waiting for the test

Don’t Try to Cheat

Don’t try to cheat on the knowledge exam or let somebody else take the test for you.

  • You can not bring books, manuals, papers, pens or pencils into the testing area.
  • Turn off your cell phone or leave it with a friend. All use of cell phones, text messaging devices, and other types of wireless devices are prohibited in the testing area.
  • Don’t talk to anyone during the test. If you have any questions, direct them to the examiner administering the test.

If you don’t follow these rules, your test is terminated and recorded as a failure.

In some situations, consequences may be severe and DDS will suspend you from re-testing for a longer period.

What about Cheat Sheets?

Many websites and companies offer what they call cheat sheets.

They are not intended to be used to cheat on the actual test. A cheat sheet is merely a set of questions and answers used for quick reference and learning. They serve the same purpose as these permit practice tests.

While cheat sheets are helpful, the represent what is referred to as passive learning. They give you the impression that learning can be achieve by just memorizing questions and answers.

Experts will tell you that this may work in some situations, but that you are much better off with active learning.

Active learning is centered around writing, talking, problem solving, and reflecting.

Read these 5 tips to study more more effectively for your Permit Test!

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Your Best Study Resources

The best study resources available to you are:

  • Georgia Driver Manual
  • Online permit practice tests
  • Friends, family, and teachers

The Manual

You will not be able to pass the knowledge exam without the Georgia driver manual. Make sure you get the latest copy from a service center or DDS website.

The manual gives you a good idea about what you need to learn for your tests and how to stay safe in traffic.

The Permit Practice Tests

Online practice tests is a tool to verify that you have learned the contents of the manual. The result on the practice tests will also tell you if you are ready or not for the exam.

Practice tests are absolutely free. You can take them as many times as you want.

Please note that these are not the real tests. Free DMV Test is privately owned. It is not owned or operated by any State Government Department.

You should regard information on this website only as a supplement to information given by Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Friends, Family, Teachers

Friends, family, and teachers can help you with their experience. Discussing rules of the road and common mistakes in traffic may give you additional input and help you learn better.

To get the provisional license as a teenager, you must complete a driver education course with 30 hours of classroom instruction OR completion of an equivalent online virtual course. Your best option is to take this course at your school or to sign up with a driving school.

Available Permit Practice Tests

Road Rules

Road Signs, Signals & Markings

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